Videos for Non-Profits

For three years, I worked at a production company in Lexington, KY producing both short and long form video content for non-profit organizations. Following are some examples of my work there.


CAP Christmas Distribution 2017

Role: Camera operator, interviewer, director, editor


Central Music Academy 2016

Role: Camera operator and editor

Diocese of Joliet, Catholic Ministries Annual Appeal 2015

Role: Assistant editor


New Life Day Center 2017

Role: Camera Operator, technical director, interviewer, editor


Christ the King Cathedral, Basketball Challenge

Role: Camera operator, assistant editor


While working there, I was also a contributing editor on the documentary, Harry Caudill: A Man of Courage.

This World Alone

During 2017’s summer I was able to fulfill a dream of mine: to work on a feature-length film. This film is called This World Alone. It is the story of three women and their quest for survival in a world reclaimed by nature. I was the script supervisor on set and I was able to assist with the edit in post-production

Not only was this a dream come true, it was a miraculous feat. We shot this 83 page script over the course of only ten days with a crew of about 15 and a cast of 5. Never have I ever worked with so many people who were so upbeat and dedicated to their craft. It was a major learning experience for all of us and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Update 3/14/18:

And now we are in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign, having partnered with Seed & Spark, in order to raise finishing funds for the movie. It has been completely shot and edited, we just need to add in sound design and visual effects.

Update 5/31/19:

We are in the middle of the festival circuit, having been accepted into 4 festivals so far. At the Oxford Film Festival in Oxford, MS This World Alone won the award for Best Narrative Film and most recently at the Phoenix Film Festival in Phoenix, AZ TWA won two prizes, Best Picture as well as Best Screenplay.