This World Alone

During this summer I was able to fulfill a dream of mine: to work on a feature-length film. This film is called This World Alone. It is the story of three women and their quest for survival in a world reclaimed by nature. I was the script supervisor on set and I am assisting with the edit in post-production

Not only was this a dream come true, it was a miraculous feat. We shot this 83 page script over the course of only ten days with a crew of about 15 and a cast of 5. Never have I ever worked with so many people who were so upbeat and dedicated to their craft. It was a major learning experience for all of us and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Update 3/14/18:

And now we are in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign, having partnered with Seed & Spark, in order to raise finishing funds for the movie. It has been completely shot and edited, we just need to add in sound design and visual effects.